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    Ride-on US Police Car 12V

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    A US siren sounds and through the microphone you hear your offspring say "ATTENTION stop". He means it, because he is armed with what is probably the sharpest Police Ride On from Jamara on the market at the moment. Equipped with blue/red LED signal lights and a realistic engine sound, it completes the already well-known and proven features with flying colours. The powerful engine drives the wheels of the vehicle reliably - and with over an hour of driving time with only one "tank of fuel", real crime fun is guaranteed. With fold-out transport wheels, even a longer way back from the play crime scene is easy to manage.

    • Highlights
                                                    • Siren
                                                    • Carrying and pulling handle
                                                    • Engine sound at start
                                                    • Transport wheels
                                                    • Tinted windscreen
                                                    • Boot
                                                    • 2 powerful drive motors
                                                    • Powerful 12V battery for long driving time
                                                    • 2 wheel drive
                                                    • Charging socket
                                                    • Illuminated dashboard
                                                    • LED headlight
                                                    • Battery level indicator
                                                    • LED tail light
                                                    • USB connection
                                                    • LED signal lights
                                                    • Microphone
                                                    • Ultra Grip rubber rings on the wheels
                                                    • Music
                                                    • Front suspension

                                                  • Functions
                                                                                                • LED light on/off
                                                                                                • LED signal lights on/off
                                                                                                • Fold-out carrying and pulling handle
                                                                                                • Doors open/close manually
                                                                                                • Forward/Reverse
                                                                                                • Boot can be opened
                                                                                                • Left/Right
                                                                                                • Stop
                                                                                                • Keyless start via start button
                                                                                                • Siren on/off
                                                                                                • Horn on steering wheel
                                                                                                • Volume adjustable

                                                                                              Technical data
                                                                                              Battery pack included: Yes
                                                                                              Battery type: Lead
                                                                                              Battery included or installed: installed
                                                                                              Batteries type 1 model incl.: Yes
                                                                                              Batteries type 2 remote control incl.: Yes
                                                                                              Batteries included: Yes
                                                                                              Batteries required: No

                                                                                              Product details

                                                                                              Driving time approx. (min.): 90
                                                                                              Charging time approx. (min): 360
                                                                                              Assembly time approx. (Min): 45
                                                                                              Colour: black
                                                                                              Top speed approx. (km/h): 5
                                                                                              Charging time approx. (hours): 6
                                                                                              License: No
                                                                                              Maximum weight (kg): 25
                                                                                              Brand: JAMARA Kids
                                                                                              Video: Yes


                                                                                              Shipping weight: 16,16 kg
                                                                                              Item weight: 13,50 kg
                                                                                              Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 113,00 × 62,00 × 53,00 cm

                                                                                              Scope of delivery
                                                                                                                                                                • Charger
                                                                                                                                                                • Hand microphone
                                                                                                                                                                • Assembly tool
                                                                                                                                                                • Instructions
                                                                                                                                                                • Model
                                                                                                                                                                • Drive battery

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